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The platform for leaders seeking to expand their businesses.

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The Story Behind DivineAssistants

DivineAssistants is a virtual support company that is dedicated to bringing you virtual team services to help you handle your day-to-day tasks remotely. At the same time, you focus on handling your core business growth.


I mean, we thought, why work with one virtual assistant who is trying to do it all when you can work with a dedicated team of virtual assistants with specialities in each of their respective areas? Would you work with a generalist, or would you instead work with an expert in the areas you need? ​

The idea behind DivineAssistants is to empower not only entrepreneurs worldwide but also women in Africa. Our goal is also to help encourage more women in Africa to come into the tech field and learn how to work with computers. We provide intensive training to all of our recruits. And after that's been accomplished, we also provide job opportunities for them as they grow and develop their skills. We outsource specific talents in Africa, and we train them on how to be digital assistants and not just technical skills but also mindsets on how to communicate with clients and how to properly listen to and understand the client's wants and needs.

virtual assistants


Administrative Services

Ensure all your daily activities are carried out 

Copywriting  Services

Give your brand the power of the right words 

Human Resource Services 

Let us help you get the most out of your employees

Account Management Services 

Manage your account dexterously

Web Design/
Web Development Services

Leverage the web to your business advantage

Book Keeping 

Keep track and scale your business competently

Digital Marketing Services 

Boost your brand in the digital marketing space

Project Management Services

Let your project be professionally managed

collaborative work
We have a phenomenal report system that enables our clients to notify us about what works and what doesn't
We strive to ensure the highest level of professionalism in all we do
Our first instinct is to be efficient. We aim to complete all our duties and tasks efficiently and effectively
We make it our mission to not only meet but also exceed the expectations of business leaders.
We are enthusiastic about our journey and look forward to accomplishing our common goals for business organizations.

We have experience working with various businesses and are ready to develop a targeted strategy and plan that's right for your business

High-quality dedicated assistant with skills of your choosing

Fast matching - get an assistant in as little as 24 hours

Anytime replacement

Unlimited Work


Daily Quality Control

Most Popular

High-quality dedicated team 

  • Social Media Management

  • Executive Administrative Support

  • Appointment Setting/Travel Booking

  • Ads Management

  • Website Management

  • SEO

  • Setting up & Managing your CRM

Daily quality control

Team Management

Monthly Business Development Report

Customize your team according to your business wants and needs

  • Administrative Assistant

  • HR Management

  • Project Management

  • Digital Marketing

  • Social Media Management

  • Email Marketing

  • Brands Management

  • Website Developers

  • Software Developers

  • Accountants/Bookkeepers

Daily Quality Control

Team Management

Monthly Business Development Report

Work with Experts in each field Only

Get an Account Executive for

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I had the pleasure to work with DivineAssistants Team and I must say these people are great! They over-promise and over-deliver. Whenever I need them, they are there for me. They do their best to save me time and they do their work in a very efficient manner. They have been able to help me do more in a lesser amount of time. They are very honest and always on top of their work. I would recommend them to anyone.

Designed to save you time and help you achieve more.
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